The Evergreen Club
About the Community

The Evergreen Club is an outstanding private golf community, located on 520 acres in beautiful northeastern Martin County.  The Evergreen Golf Course is nestled among 299 one-acre home sites in Palm City.  The open space and casual atmosphere set the tone for a relaxed yet challenging game of golf.  The 6,600-yard, par 72 venue is playable and enjoyable to golfers of all ability levels.

The Evergreen Club is wholly owned and controlled by its Equity Members.  Residency within the Evergreen community is not a requirement for Club membership.  Our members run the full spectrum of age ranges, which include working couples with young families, the semi-retired and retired.

Equity membership is limited to 300 members.  This means you can play golf at your convenience and leisure while still completing your 18-hole round within 3-1/2 to 4 hours.  We have a variety of affordable memberships that will be of interest to you and easily fit your particular lifestyle.

Always A Game!
Tee Times Never An Issue!!
3-1/2 to 4 Hour Rounds of Golf!!!

You don't have to live in the Evergreen Community to be a Member.

About Property

Designed in the spirit of golf and committed to an important and quite often overlooked element - fun - The Evergreen Club offers a memorable golfing experience to golfers at all levels. 7 Handicap ? The Evergreen lifestyle is for you. 36 handicap ? The Evergreen lifestyle is for you. Like to play as a couple ? The Evergreen lifestyle is for you.

Proud of it's tradition, The Evergreen Club focuses on golf and the people who love golf . Every potential member is welcomed as a friend. The Evergreen Club has all the benefits of a large club with none of the associated drawbacks . Always a game. Always a challenge, always fun!

Hidden in Palm City from the mainstream hustle and bustle, Evergreen offers the opportunity to enjoy charming Old Florida lifestyle at its best. An idyllic retreat, a laid back experience. The mood feels unhurried and warm like the climate, however, the challenging golf course caters to the needs of those seeking an exciting round of golf. Known for it's playability and conditioning, the design of the 6,600-yard, par 72 venue lends itself to golfering at all ability level.

The casual ambience of the clubhouse provides an Ernest Hemingway atmosphere - cool and airy, combined with warm and welcoming members , and energetic and friendly staff. The intimate grill and dining facilities are enhanced by sweeping views of the course and devotees on the putting green and driving range. The wraparound verandah is a popular spot to relax, have a beverage or a meal, and catch the breezes after your round of golf.

This is the lifestyle that Hemingway wrote about, now's your chance to live it !